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About dotOcean

Specialists in: .Net, C#

dotOcean was founded in 2008 and is located in Bruges, Belgium. dotOcean offers innovative measurement instruments, sensor networks and rapid development services to the maritime and offshore industry. Our company is based on a complementary team with expertise ranging from hydrography, geotechnics and geology up to software, electronics and mechanics. Next to 8 years of expertise in underwater acoustics and modeling, more than 10 years expertise in management of complex high tech projects is available in the team. Based on these combined strengths dotOcean wants to offer it's customers high quality and state of the art products and development services. In today’s world there is a remarkable increase of off-shore, maritime and inland waterway activity. To enable these activities hydrographic survey and underwater monitoring equipment are more and more important. Therefore dotOcean developed a first product called the GraviProbe, a free fall probe, that measures underwater mud, sediment and soil layers. This type of measurement equipment not only brings value by offering a new set of soil characterization parameters but also reduces the operational cost of current hydrographic survey activity.

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